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Mountain biking in Galtür

Galtür is a quiet place. Situated at 1,600 metres above sea level in the rear part of the Paznaun valley, the small mountain village is known for its splendid mountain views. A hidden gem for hobby riders, touring cyclists and Enduro mountain bikers, the unique alpine terrain is the perfect playground for varied tours of all skill levels.

Many of the resort’s hotels offer special packages for mountain bikers, ranging from great included services to attractive offers. Discover great accommodation for mountain bikers in Galtür! 

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One-of-a-kind mountain bike tours for all skill levels

Whether you’re an amateur, advanced or experienced rider – Galtür offers the perfect mountain bike tour for all tastes and skill levels. Enjoy a classic tour to Jamtal valley or the three Silvretta lakes or experience an adrenaline-fuelled Enduro adventure on the Muttenjoch.

  • Easy tours: The blue trails are perfect for leisure cyclists and bike newbies. With only moderate descents, they don’t require any prior knowledge or special technique. A great opportunity to explore the local nature! 
  • Intermediate tours: Galtür’s intermediate trails are perfect for ambitious bikers with plenty of fitness and good technique. Expect some challenging uphill and downhill sections!
  • Difficult tours: The black trails are a highlight for extreme bikers with excellent fitness and technical skills. With plenty of steep and difficult sections with hairpin bends, these trails require lots of concentration.

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Three tour tips

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A great trail for racers and touring cyclists! With a length of 19 kilometres and an altitude difference of 600 metres, this varied tour through the Jamtal valley boasts breathtaking views. The challenging 17 per cent gradient up to the Jamtal Hut at 2,165 metres above sea level will have your muscles aching, although the tour is basically also suitable for inexperienced riders. Don’t forget to fuel up on the local treats served at the mountain hut before riding back to Galtür! 

The trail in a nutshell:

  • length: 19 kilometres
  • difficulty: easy
  • ascent: 567 vertical metres
  • descent: 567 vertical metres
  • highest point: 2,165 metres above sea level

The 3-lake tour requires not so much technique, but all the more fitness. The 38-kilometre trail takes you past the three big Kops, Vermunt and Silvretta reservoirs – don’t forget to take a photo of the mountains reflected in the water!

The trail in a nutshell:

  • length: 37.5 kilometres
  • difficulty: difficult
  • ascent: 1,220 vertical metres
  • descent: 1,220 vertical metres
  • highest point: 2,037 metres above sea level

The Muttenjoch tour is a highlight for mountain bike aficionados and single trail enthusiasts. The trail is named after the Muttenjoch, a mountain pass at 2,620 metres above sea level, and one of the region’s most spectacular big mountain single trail tours. If you’re looking for a break from the challenging trail, stop by at Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch, Heilbronner Hut or Friedrichshafener Hut for a tasty snack. 

The trail in a nutshell:

  • length: 30 kilometres
  • difficulty: difficult
  • ascent: 1.310 vertical metres
  • decent: 1.317 vertical metres
  • highest point: 2,620 metres above sea level
Can’t get enough of mountain biking & would like to discover even more trails?

Higher, faster, further

exploring the Tyrolean mountains by e-bike

You’re looking for an e-bike adventure, exploring the mountains of Tyrol with a little bit of assistance? If you haven’t tried an electric bike before, you can rent the latest-generation models from the local e-bike shop and test them during one of Galtür’s great e-bike tours. After all, an e-bike makes it easy to cover great distances and tackle steep mountain roads!

Mountain rules

respecting nature

It’s easy to forget about everything out in nature. However, there are some rules that you definitely should keep in mind as a biker to protect the beautiful environment you’re riding in …

  • Respect the plants and animals of the mountain world and stick to the marked trails.
  • Hikers come first! If you come across hikers, slow down and ring your bell. If necessary, dismount your bike.
  • Control your speed and keep an eye out for oncoming traffic. Anticipatory riding is one of the most important rules of mountain biking! 
  • If you’re riding in high-alpine terrain, it’s important to keep an eye on the weather. Check the current weather situation before your tour and bring warm clothes!
  • Safety first: Always wear a helmet! What’s more, freeriders should always wear protectors.

Bike rental in Galtür

Mountain bike or e-bike, equipment or repairs – the bike shops of Galtür are your one-stop shop for unlimited biking fun. What’s more, you can rent the latest mountain bikes there and test them on the most challenging trails of the Paznaun region. If you’re planning a downhill adventure, it’s also a good idea to stock up on jerseys, glasses, gloves and protectors. If you have a flat tyre, the staff will be happy to get your bike back in shape.


bike shuttles in the Paznaun

Your tour turned out to be longer than expected? The last metres were tougher than you thought and the cable car was already closed? Don’t worry! There is a special bike transport service in the Paznaun region!