Everything you need to know about bouldering at Galtür’s Silvapark

Boulder FAQ

Our Boulder FAQ contains everything you need to know about bouldering at Galtür’s Silvapark. How many sections are there? What do I have to keep in mind? Where can I rent a crash pad?

You have a question that’s not answered in our FAQ? Simply contact the Tourist Office of Galtür!

Located at the foot of Ballunspitze at 2,000 metres above sea level, Galtür’s Silvapark is a unique boulder area. A total of eight sections and 160 boulders offer climbing fun for guests of all ages.

The facts:

  • wall height: 2 – 10 metres
  • exposure: north-facing
  • rock: primary rock
  • best time: end of June – October

You can find everything from easy (4) to extremely difficult routes (8) there, including short beginner’s boulders as well as technical cracks and roof overhangs. With a difficulty of 8c, “Anam Cara” is one of the most difficult boulders at Silvapark – a challenge only few climbers dare to tackle.

  • Bouldering is all about caution and respect for others. Always keep an eye on fellow boulderers!
  • If possible, stick to marked paths and footways to get to the route entrances.
  • It’s prohibited to remove any hand or footholds. Don’t make any modifications to the existing rock structure! 
  • Please don’t leave your waste in the park but dispose of it properly and sorted down in the valley or at the car park of Ballunspitz cable car.
  • Wild camping is prohibited in the entire Silvapark area. Because of fire hazard, open fires are not allowed. Sanitary facilities can be found at the valley station of Ballunspitzbahn cable car and the mountain station of Birkhahnbahn cable car.
  • Please respect other climbers at the car park, at the children’s boulder park and on the boulders and use headphones when listening to loud music.

There are two ways to access the different sections:

Access I:

  • via Alpkogelbahn cable car (15-minute ride)
  • The car park is situated right next to Birkhahnbahn valley station.
  • free day parking

Access II:

  • via Ballunspitzbahn cable car
  • paid parking at Ballunspitzbahn valley station

                    3h            5€

                    12h        10€

                    24h        12€

                    48h        20€

    Seasoncard (parking and cable car) for boulderer  € 120,-  
  • Park in a space-saving way and keep entrances and exits free.
  • We reserve the right to take legal steps if no-driving or parking zones are disrespected.
  • Use the provided bins to dispose of your waste.
  • For safety reasons, open fire is prohibited.
  • Camping is prohibited in the entire car park as well as in the area surrounding the cable car station.

Please note: The entire car park as well as the entrance gates are under CCTV surveillance. 

Yes! Crash pads and climbing shoes can be rented from Intersport Wolfart against a fee.

Rental prices per day:

  • crash pads: € 8
  • climbing shoes: € 6

There are two free crash pads at the beginners’ section near the cable car. 

Contact Intersport Wolfart
Phone: +43 5443 8295
Mail: sport.wolfart@vol.at
Web: www.intersport-wolfart.at