Stunning view of the Silvretta Bielerhöhe Stunning view of the Silvretta Bielerhöhe

Experience nature and crystal-clear water

The mountain lakes and reservoirs of Galtür in the Paznaun region

Swimming or hiking, lakes or mountains? In Galtür, you can have both! Numerous lakes and reservoirs offer perfect opportunities for a refreshing swim with breathtaking mountain views. Whether in a reservoir or a mountain lake: There’s no better way to cool down on a hot summer day than a refreshing swim with breathtaking mountain views!

Discover the charming beauty of Galtür’s lakes – from the comfort of a deckchair or during a relaxed hike. And did you know that some of the lakes are rich in fish and great fishing spots?

Our tip: Even if the sun is not shining for a change, you can still go swimming – thanks to the indoor adventure pool in Galtür! Numerous attractions for all ages brighten up even the rainiest of days there.

Refreshingly beautiful

Picturesque mountain lakes and reservoirs around Galtür

Situated at the highest point of the Silvretta High-Alpine Road, the Silvretta reservoir is one of the most impressive artificial lakes of the Tyrolean Alps. Open to the public since 1954, it is one of the region’s most popular attractions. It features three dams and is used to generate electricity for the surrounding region. 

The beautiful circular hike around the Silvretta reservoir is a special experience for the whole family. What’s more, the lake is a popular fishing spot.

There are also plenty of culinary highlights waiting for you at 2,000 metres above sea level. Drop by at one of the many cosy inns and restaurants and savour the magnificent views of the Silvretta and Montafon mountain ranges.

How to get to the Silvretta reservoir:

  • Take the car or bus to the parking lot near the new tollgate.
  • From there, cross the bridge and follow the gravel path to Bielerhöhe/Silvretta reservoir. 
  • Take the picturesque circular trail along the dam, passing by a thundering waterfall off Bieltalbach stream.
  • Highlight: the splendid views of the mighty 3,312 m Piz Buin 
  • Our tip for a break: Gasthof Piz Buin

Built between 1962 and 1969 at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, the Kops reservoir with its double curvature dams is a static masterpiece. The beautiful nature surrounding the reservoir offers plenty of fantastic spots for picknicks, fishing, hiking or taking long walks.

Good-night tip: If you’re looking for a special adventure, why not set up your tent at the nearby campsite and sleep beneath the stars? 

How to get to Kops reservoir:

  • Take the lift up to Alpkogelbahn mountain station..
  • From there, continue towards Breitspitzbahn valley station and the shore path along Kops reservoir.
  • Option 1: Turn left and follow the dam wall until you reach the Kops reservoir kiosk.
  • Option 2: Turn right and follow the shore path to beautiful Lake Zeinissee. From there, take the old Zeinisstrasse back to Wirl and Galtür. On the way back, you pass the border between the provinces of Tyrol and Vorarlberg as well as the continental watershed between the Rhine and the Danube.
  • Our tip for a break: Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch
  • For more details check out Tour 13  of our hiking guide.

Far above the tree line, crystal-clear Lake Zeinissee is surrounded by bizarre rock formations and lush green mountain meadows. Enjoy the silence and soak up the unique atmosphere during fishing, hiking, mountain biking or climbing. If you’re in need of a break, stop by at Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch for a delicious Tyrolean snack and simply enjoy the moment!

Good-night tip: If you’re looking for a special adventure, why not set up your tent at the nearby campsite and sleep beneath the stars?

How to get to Lake Zeinissee:

  • From the village square in Galtür either walk along Vermuntbach stream or the valley trail to Wirl.
  • Follow the old Zeinisjochstraße, passing by Haus Klein Zeinis, until you reach Zeinisjoch mountain pass and Lake Zeinisssee.
  • Our tip for a break: Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch
  • For more details check out Tour 3 of our hiking guide.

An unforgettable lake holiday in Galtür wouldn’t be perfect without a trip to Vermunt reservoir. Located at 1,743 metres above sea level, the lake is surrounded by spectacular mountains. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a walk around the lake, partly walking along the dam.

How to get to Vermunt reservoir:

  • From Wirl, follow the Silvretta High-Alpine Road to Vermunt reservoir.
  • Our tip: The lake is a great starting point for numerous longer hikes such as the one to Saarbrücker hut.

The Kleinzeinis lake rests above the famous Zeinissee, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
A real insider tip and very easy to reach. The ideal destination for pleasure hikers.

How to get to the Kleinzeinissee:

  • By car or bus to Lake Zeinissee
  • This is the start of the hike. Always slightly uphill about 15 minutes to the crystal-clear Kleinzeinissee
  • Refreshment tip: the Verbella Alpe can be reached in a further 30 minutes

Crystal-clear Lake Radsee on the Radschulter is a natural gem that is particularly popular with mountain hikers. With a bit of luck, you might even see snow grouse or ibexes looking for food there!

How to get to Lake Radsee:

  • Take the car or bus up to Silvretta-Bielerhöhe.
  • Continue on foot from the Silvretta reservoir towards Bieltal valley (Tour 16).
  • Follow the trail to Radsattel and Lake Radsee.
  • Alternative: From Lake Radsee, continue towards Wiesbadener hut and enjoy splendid views of Piz Buin. 

Surrounded by a magnificent forest, high-alpine Lake Stafali Weiher is one of the region’s best kept secrets. How about a relaxed al fresco dinner with your friends or family at one of the three stone barbecues along the lake?

How to get to Stafali Weiher:

  • Take a leisurely walk along the panoramic valley trail from Galtür to Stafali Weiher (Tour 11 in reverse direction).
  • From the village square in Galtür, continue towards Jamtal valley.
  • Turn left right before Mentaalm and take the high-altitude panoramic valley trail until you reach the "Schönste Aussicht nach Galtür” (“most splendid views of Galtür”) vantage point with picnic spot.
  • From there, follow the trail to Tschaffein, keep right and continue towards Larein Alpe and Stafali Weiher.

Lake Vallülasee is located in the rough terrain to the north-east of Vallüla mountain, a bit off the beaten track. The mountain lake is fed by the five-kilometre-long Oberer Vallülabach stream. A hike to the lake at 2,150 metres above sea level should definitely be high up your holiday list!

How to get to lower Lake Vallülasee:

  • Take the car or bus up to Silvretta-Bielerhöhe.
  • From the parking lot at Gasthof Piz Buin at Silvretta-Bielerhöhe, follow the trail to Biehlerkopf vantage point  
  • Continue along “Halberstadlerweg” towards Kleine Vallüla and down to lower Lake Vallülasee.
  • Our tip: Hiking in high alpine terrain requires sure-footedness and a head for heights. Don’t forget to bring solid footwear and sufficient food and drinks!

Picturesque Lake Wiegensee is a natural monument and a popular hiking destination. Surrounded by the protected high-moor landscape, the lake offers unique views of the glaciers and summits of the Silvretta mountain range.

How to get to Lake Wiegensee:

  • Take the car (toll-free) or the public bus to Gasthof Zeinisjoch.
  • From there, follow the gentle uphill trail towards Heilbronner hut.
  • After Verbella Alpe, turn left and follow the forest trail to Lake Wiegensee.
  • For more details check out Tour 4 of our hiking guide.