Skier enjoys the skiing experience in the Silvapark Galtür in sunshine

Winter season 2020/21 Skiing area Galtür

COVID-19 Compliance

This page is continuously updated

New opening hours!
Every weekend - Friday until Sunday

    These measures only apply to skiers and snowboarders. The affected persons are required to have the negative test ready for inspection by the health authorities
  • Free test possibility on  Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (in the ordination Dr. Lechner) Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (Birkhahnbahn valley station - first aid room), registration by phone at 05443 8276 required!

We look forward to welcoming you for skiing and snowboarding in Galtür.


  • Information signs: Information columns and signs point out our Covid-19 compliance guidelines at the access points to our transportation facilities and in the cable car cabins. 
  • Multifunctional scarf: When buying a ski pass, we will give you a multifunctional scarf at no cost, which can be used as a filtering facepiece (FFP).
    Wearing a filtering facepiece is mandatory in the areas with corresponding signs (also see below).
  • Hand sanitary: At our cable car facilities we have installed sufficient hand disinfection facilities for you.
  • Ski ticket online: To avoid long waiting times and close contact to other people you can already buy your skipass online before arrival. More information at:
    and for further information we are available by telephone (+43 5443 8344)  during our operating hours.. 
  • Galtür-App: On request, you can get the latest information via the messaging tool of the Galtür app!


  • Limited number of persons: A reduction of the highest number of persons allowed in the cable car cabins or the chairlifts is not legally mandatory. Permitted capacities will, however, not be fully utilised if the ridership is accordingly low. In cable car cabins and when riding on chairlifts and lifts, wearing FFP2s is mandatory.
  • Disinfection of the cable car cabins: All cable car cabins (Alpkogel- & Breitspitzbahn) are disinfected by us several times a day.
    When doing so, we apply a long-lasting mist of fine droplets, using special cold fogging devices. Within one minute, this eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and spores on the treated surfaces. 
    The active ingredient does not leave behind any residue after usage, is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, pH-neutral as well as skin- and eye-friendly.
  • Surface- and room air disinfection: In ski buses as well as in the first aid station in the ski area, but also in our toilet facilities, surface / room air disinfection measures are also carried out daily. Here we also rely on disinfection using the aforementioned ULV-cold fogging machines.
  • Cleaning: The Bergbahnen Silvretta Galtür are purposefully intensifying a number of cleaning activities. This applies, for example, to the cleaning and/or disinfection of the handrails, doorknobs and sanitary installations. 
  • Limited number of persons: We expressly reserve limiting the number of persons for the SILVAPARK Galtür.


  • Covid-19-test: All staff will be tested for Covid-19 before starting work for the first time. For those who are in contact with customers, occasion-related follow-up tests will take place, whereby ongoing testing opportunities are available.
  • FPP: Staff who have contact with guests (cable car and rescue sections) are instructed to wear FFP. 


  • Nightskiing: The nightskiing will be happening due to the COVID-19 compliance
  • We will try to hold selected events, such as the ski-demo shows of the ski school. 
    More detailed information regarding this will be announced in time.


What you can do to ensure safe social interaction and thus protect your fellow skiers:

Please always carry a FFP2 / (K)N95 mask and use it when the minimum distance to other persons as required in each case cannot be observed. 

In these areas, wearing a FFP2 / (K)N95 mask is mandatory :

  • at the ski pass sales point of the cable cars
  • in the access area of all cable cars (pay attention to the markings)
  • in the station, entry / exit area as well as during the ride with the cable cars (gondola/chairlifts, chairlifts)
  • when using the conveyors ( practice area)
  • when using the WC-facilities
  • please bring your own FFP2 masks
  • Children under 15 years of age do not need an FFP2 mask, normal mouth and nose protection (including Buff) is sufficient
  • in the ski shop / ski depot
  • in the ski bus
Please keep 2 m distance to unknown persons.
If possible, the minimum distance should also be maintained in the cable car cabins.
Please ventilate the cable car cabins during the trip if necessary.
Observe the general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. In the cable car station and the mountain restaurants, disinfectant dispensers are available for you.
Please do not leave behind your used protective mask or handkerchiefs in the cable car cabins, but instead dispose of these probably. Garbage bins can be found in the station areas.
Please follow the conduct recommendations and instructions from our staff on duty, in particular also those with regard to the applicable hygiene regulations.
If possible, use contactless payment methods.
If you are showing any symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please remain in your accommodation and immediately contact the reception of your accommodation provider or a doctor.
Please practice personal responsibility and thus protect your health and that of those around you. Install and activate the updated Galtür App and help to optimise the “contact tracing”. This ensures you will always receive the latest information.

Galtür-Paznaun App

Protect yourself and your loved ones and help stop the virus from spreading. No personal data need to be provided to use the app. Location data is also not used or recorded. Low battery consumption (Bluetooth low energy) and free use. Install now and enjoy your skiing holiday for sure!

Apple iOS

Install the Stopp Corona-app/SwissCovid APP and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Every time the minimum distance to other people is not observed, the app will register this as a contact. If you or one of these persons catch the corona-virus, all encounters will be informed completely anonymously.

More informations about the Stopp Corona-App

Respect our health/hygiene compliance, enjoy your skiing day and have a great time.

We continuously evaluate the situation and adapt our Covid-19 Compliance with regard to any changes in legal or official requirements.