Come to gourmet heaven

The culinary highlights of Galtür

You’re looking for new taste explosions? The culinary events of Galtür are the best way to experience the true taste of Tyrol! Get spoiled by international star chefs during a culinary hike or sample the region’s best products such as the delicious Paznaun Alpine cheese. The restaurants and inns of the quaint mountain village are only waiting for you to drop by and try their traditional specialities!

The Paznaun region is a haven for gourmets and foodies. Read more and discover the true taste of Tyrol!

Paznaun Alpine Cheese – the best specialities from Tyrol

Pleasure region

Aromatic bacon, fine honey, award-winning cheese, the ‘Genussregion’ Paznaun convinces with its premium culinary products

‘Genussregion’ is a protected brand-name in Austria. It reveals that there are outstanding specialities available in this area. In Tyrol ‘Paznauner Almkäse’ has also been awarded this seal of approval. It is made exclusively from raw milk from the valley and the Alpine pastures, which is suitable for making a hard cheese. This mature, bright yellow cheese with its pea-sized holes tastes mildly aromatic, and slightly spicy. Galtür is proud to be able to serve this delicacy – in the Alpine lodges as well as in local delicatessens and guesthouses.

Such exquisite produce means guests also get to enjoy a bit of Tyrol’s cultural landscape which helps to preserve this valuable heritage. With home-made treats from Genussregion Paznaun you can do some good twice over – for your own well-being and also for that of the producers!