26th March 2022

1st Galtür Cross-Country Climb

26th March 2022

From Galtür through Vermunt to the Bielerhöhe

The first Galtür Cross-Country Climb starts from Galtür in the direction of Silvretta-Bielerhöhe in the HARD (31.8 km) and LIGHT (16.0 km) routes. Cross-country skiers have to overcome 861 to 377 meters of altitude on both routes. The fun run is open to all.

1st Galtür Cross-Country Climb at a glance

  • When: 26th March 2022
  • Where: Hotel Luggi: behind the Pyramide
  • Race start: 8.00 am 
  • Discipline: Cross Country Climb, free skating
  • Fun run: open to all
  • Entry fee:  € 49, - maximum (reduced entry fee depending on the registration time)
Galtür Cross-Country Climb 2022

Cross Country Climb

Race information

Start/Finish area Hotel Luggi Galtür 1.592 m
Distance HARD: 31.8 km | 861 m altitude  
LIGHT: 16.0 km | 377 m altitude 
Discipline Skating
Route map PDF-Download Had & Light
GPX-Download (HARD)
GPX-Download (LIGHT)

The safety of all participants involved has the highest priority in this competition, which is why there are certain time limits that must be complied. The limits ensure the safety of the participants and the security forces on the track.

  • Time limit #1 at the dredger hole: 9:45
    If this time limit is not complied, you will be redirected from the "HARD" to the "LIGHT" route.
  • Time limit #2 valley station of the Silvretta Lake Tent: 10.30 am
    If the time limit is not complied, you will be taken out of the race.

The organizing team offers all participants comprehensive care at the following refreshment stations and in the finisher area: 

  • Baggerloch: 1,772 m
  • Bielerhöhe: 2,057 m
  • Finish area: tea, water, oranges, energy bars
  • Furthermore, a food voucher per participant redeemable from 26th – 28th March 2021 in predetermined restaurants in Galtür.


  • LIGHT S15, J16 and J18 m/w (born 2004 - 2007) 
  • HARD and LIGHT Juniors 20 and men/women gerneral. (born 1992 - 2003)                
  • HARD and LIGHT m / f AKI and AKII (born 1972 - 1991)
  • HARD and LIGHT m / f AKIII and AKIV (born 1952 – 1971)
  • HARD and LIGHT m / f AKV and AKVI (born 1951 and older)

Austrian championship

  • LIGHT S15, J16 und J18 m/f (born 2004 - 2007) 
  • HARD J20 m/f (born 2002 – 2003)
  • HARD general K1 and older (born 2001 and older)

The payment of the prize money to the winners takes place personally and exclusively on site after the award ceremony, which takes place at the sports- and culture center in Galtür.

  • € 2,100.- total prize money (50% women and 50% men) for the HARD route
  • Raffle of a total of 4 weekends for 2 persons in Galtür among all participants
  • Finisher medal for all participants
  • Online certificate from RaceTimePro

All information can be found here: