2nd April 2020

3rd Galtür Nordic Night Race

The most exciting night race in the alps

‘A night-time racing spectacle, guaranteed to give you goose-bumps’ – if you are there at the 3rd Galtür Nordic Night Race on 2nd April 2020 you will know what we are talking about. Since, whether you are a participant or a spectator, unforgettable moments of excitement await at the skating sprint!

The special thing about this event? It takes place in the middle of a town in Tyrol which has 800 inhabitants, adding an extra dimension of excitement and high tension! Everybody is allowed to run, adults as well as children!

3. Galtür Nordic Night Race at a glance

  • When: 2nd April 2020
  • Race start: 5.00 pm adults | 6.15 pm kids
  • Discipline: night-time skating sprint
  • Where: village square Galtür
  • Live broadcast on screens on the village square
  • Participation: free of charge, number of participants is limited, anyone
  • Qualifying: Individual race 1 round
  • TOP 16 K.O.-finals: 2 rounds, 4 runners per heat, top 2 runners are in the finals
  • Thanks to the stored artificially made snow, the race takes place in every snow and weather conditions
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2nd April 2020

Race information & routes

The first hurdle is the 500 metre qualification round, which every participant in the individual race has to complete. The 16 fastest in the women’s and men’s fields then continue to the exciting knock-out stage, which is held over two rounds through the town centre, over a total of 1,000 metres. The finalists start in groups of four – from which the two fastest cross-country skiers go through.

  • Qualifying: adults 5.00 pm | kids 6.15 pm
  • Finals: kids 7.20 pm | adults 8.00 pm
  • Free food & drinks: Tea and water starting area; Gulasch soup/bread and one drink between 6.00 and 11.00 pm in the partner restaurant
  • Music: Moderation by Stefan Steinacher and DJ Max Engelmayr