Terms of participation | regulations| data privacy policy

The security of all participants has top priority. That is why the terms of participation, regulations and notes on the Data Privacy Policy are provided below:

1) Age of participants

  • The minimum age for participating in the Silvrettarun 3000 is 16 years.
  • On the medium and hard routes, the age requirement is 18 years.
  • The cutoff date for the age restrictions is 17.07.2021.

The age groupings apply to the various classes. 2) Every participant must be aware that your participation is associated with certain personal dangers and neither the Paznaun - Ischgl Tourism Association as event sponsor, nor the Galtür ski club as co-sponsor, can guarantee your safety.

3) In an awareness of the risks, the participant declares that in the event of personal loss or injury, no claims for compensation of damages of any kind whatsoever, may be enforced either against the sponsor or against the co-sponsor.

4) The participant confirms that he/she has a valid personal liability insurance and a valid personal leisure time accident insurance policy which will cover the participant’s involvement in the Silvrettarun 3000. Participants shall hold the sponsor and co-sponsor harmless and faultless for any and all damages incurred by participation in the Silvrettarun 3000.

5) The participant shall be required to observe the competition and safety guidelines which are provided to all participants by the sponsor and co-sponsor.

6) In general no ski poles are allowed for participation in the Silvrettarun 3000! Exception: Nordic Walking class on the Small route!

7) Participants agree that their personal and address data and also the results of the competition may be stored by EDP and processed for purposes of implementation and administration of the event. This shall also apply to the data required for payment processing. In particular also by our partner Datasport (service provider for Sports Events). The Data Privacy Policy by Datasport is found at: https://www.datasport.com/en/privacy-statement/.

8) Processing of the data listed in item 7 shall occur exclusively by the sponsor and sponsor’s partner Datasport (service provider for Sports Events). Transmittal to third parties is not allowed.

9) The participant agrees that participant’s name, age, residence and team may be publicized in the starting lists and in the results lists on the internet (www.silvrettarun3000.com and www.datasport.com), in the newspaper and in hand-outs.

10) Participants agree that the sponsor may make photographs, video and TV-recordings of the participants in connection with the event. These recordings can be used by the sponsor at no charge and such usage is not restricted in time or location. This applies in particular for marketing purposes (including also public relations and press work) for the Silvrettarun 3000 (for the following year as well).

11) Participants agree that important information relating to the Silvrettarun 3000 (e.g. changes to the route, changes to starting times etc.) may be delivered to the participants before and after the event.

12) The participants may opt out of the processing of their personal data, with future effect. The opt-out must be provided in writing (e.g. letter) or in text form (e.g. by fax or email). With your opt-out please provide your name, first name, your team and - if known - your starting number. We expressly wish to state that any publication of photos and videos and other personal data in the internet or social media shall be taken down and removed by us immediately, upon opt-out, from the webpages accessible to us. However, for technical reasons a comprehensive deletion of your published data cannot be guaranteed.

13) The sponsor is entitled, in the event of poor weather or other unforeseeable events, to shorten or to change the route and to change the time limit.

14) The sponsor is entitled to eliminate from the race any participant behaving improperly in any manner.

15) In the event of any danger, the sponsor, rescue and medical service, and also government agencies, may cancel or terminate the event.

16) The organizing committee can decide at any time to accept an application or not, or at any time to eliminate an applicant from the competition, provided this is in conformance with the image of the event.

17) Final starting permission may be made dependent on a positive on-site inspection and/or a safety check.

18) A physician’s examination is recommended.

19) Participation using the starting number of a different participant or any other incident determined by the organization will be penalized by elimination from the competition. Such participant shall be excluded from the event for an additional two years.

20) Sales or auctioning of a starting position - whether via internet platforms such as Ebay or by any other means - is strictly prohibited. Every sales offer will be investigated and both seller and buyer will be excluded from the Silvrettarun 3000 for life.

21) The participant confirms the accuracy of data provided on the application for the Silvrettarun 3000.

22) If a participant exits the competition during the run, then participant must report to the nearest route post/medical service, and relinquish the starting number.

23) Nordic Walking is only allowed on the Small route in your own class assignment.

24) With their participation each participant will receive 1 meal voucher and 2 beverage vouchers which can be redeemed at the pasta party  or on Saturday after the competition.

25) The prize money will only be paid at the official victory event to the winner when present. Participants/winners who are not present at the official victory event shall have no claim to the prize money. No legal appeal is allowed!

26) The medical service located along the route and at the finish line is available to participants at no cost. Any required helicopter rescue missions shall be at the responsibility of the participant. The medical service and/or the competition administration has the right to remove for a certain time, or to eliminate entirely from the competition, any participant having insufficient equipment or those whose health might be damaged.

For reasons of better readability, gender-specific differentiations such as participant/participants are not used on this internet page or in our brochures. Corresponding terms apply equally and ensure equal treatment for both genders.