Experience the mountain with Markus Becker

Kids concert with fun guarantee

Ready, steady, go…. Ready for the perfect kids party? The red horse – who doesn’t know?
This song is one of the most popular songs of  the in après ski partys since 2007.
Every child can sing a verse of the song and make the heart beat faster. Especially the songs "Schade, schade keine Schokolade" and the "Prinzessinentanz" are developing into the new kids hits. Markus Becker makes a unforgettable experience for kids, mothers, fathers and grandparents.

All facts for the kids concert at a glance

  • Date: 24. Februar 2021
  • Start: 3.00 pm
  • Where: Bambiniland, ski area Galtür
  • Highlight: entrance free!

You should definitely come to the kids join-in concerts of herrH if … 

  • … herrH’s albums are being played up and down by your kids. 
  • … you have no problem to go without après-ski while on family holiday but still want to dance to some catchy music. 
  • … you want to make your kids squeal with joy with this special highlight on their ski holiday.   
  • … you’ve secretly always wanted to sing along to “Harry, der Schneemann” at the top of your lungs yourself. 

You’re looking for other family-friendly events? Galtür once again awaits young and young-at-heart holiday guests with plenty of event highlights throughout the 2020/2021 winter season.