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Every participant runs at their own risk. The event organiser assumes no liability before, during and after the race (also in respect of third parties). Everyone who takes part does so at their own risk and is personally responsible for their own training and health status. By paying the registration fee you automatically accept the terms and conditions. Instructions issued by race management, on route posts, and from doctors and helpers are to be followed unconditionally. Any external performance support during the race is not permitted. Any contravention of the competition rules will result in disqualification. Deviating from the signposted route will result in automatic disqualification. There is no right to appeal in the event of disqualification by the race management in the event of irregularities or grossly unsporting conduct.

Anyone who abandons the race is to report to the nearest route post/medical service.

The weather and temperatures can change fast in high alpine terrain. Good sun, cold and rain protection is required. Walking poles are only to be used while Nordic Walking on the Small route.

You will find the ranking lists in time on the registration page:

It is not allowed to participate at the race with a pet (e.g. a dog).

On-site there will be a possibility for late entries in the information office Galtür at the village square, provided that the registration is not closed before because of too large numbers of participants. All details can be found on the registration page.

  • Sports- and culture center Galtür 
  • „Arzthaus“ (doctors house) Galtür“
  • Ice-skating rink Galtür
  • Cable car station Wirl (Shuttleservice between Wirl and Dorfplatz Galtür)

ONLY distributed at the official prize giving! Participants who are not present at the prize giving have no claim to their prize money. There is no right of appeal.

  • Nordic Night Race: Start- and Finish Area
  • Cross Country Climb, XC Team Relay, Student's Race: Start- and Finish Area*

*In case of bad weather: Sports- and culture center Galtür

The race office of all races is located in the info office Galtür on the village square.

There is no charge for the medical services provided along the route and at the finish. Participants are liable for charges for any deployment of helicopters. The medical service and the competition directors have the right to remove participants from the race who have insufficient equipment or who run the risk of damaging their health, for a certain amount of time or definitively.  

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