NEW YEAR CONCERT - Galtirer Musig“

The music band Galtür opens the New Year

3rd January 2020

A highlight of every new year's start is the concert of the "Galtir Musig"! The music band Galtür plays all the pieces on this special evening. From marches to polkas to modern works. And: the Radetzky march as an encore may not be missing.

The facts about the New Year's Concert:

  • When: 3rd January 2020
  • Start: 09:00 pm
  • Where: Sports & Culture Center Galtür
  • Highlights: Admission is free!

About the band:
The music band Galtür was founded in 1925 and currently has 61 active musicians. In addition there are the ensign and 5 sutlers. Thus, the music band Galtür includes 67 members! With a population of just under 800, that's a considerable number.