SAAC CAMP 2ND STEP Impression # #1
17/03 - 20/03/2022


SAAC 2nd Step Camp - 3 1/2 day

SAACnd Step Camps are your second step towards being an alpine pro. Of course there are a lot more to come. At a SAACnd Step camp you learn to improve your skills on the mountain, to make decisions and argue against decisions of your colleagues. The SAAC mountain guides show you how to plan a backcountry-tour and you are asked to plan tours yourself.

In this 3-and-a-half-day course your knowledge from the SAAC basic camp will be deepend and advanced. You will plan tours with your group and develop your own risk-management-strategies. You will be hiking and skiing/snowboarding near the ski-lifts as well as far off the villages. It is important that you scan the terrain, spot signs of danger und interpret them correctly. You and your group are asked to make decisions on your own. Of course, the SAAC guide will help you with his knowledge and proficiency. Each night you will be talking about your experiences in the mountains and your tours. That is also why all participants are boarded in the same hotel. Besides if gives you the possibility to get to know your group and eventually become friends.

more information will follow!