Stafali Weiher Stafali Weiher

Stafali Weiher

Surrounded by a magnificent forest, high-alpine Lake Stafali Weiher is one of the region’s best kept secrets. How about a relaxed al fresco dinner with your friends or family at one of the three stone barbecues along the lake?

How to get to Stafali Weiher:

  • Take a leisurely walk along the panoramic valley trail from Galtür to Stafali Weiher (Tour 11 in reverse direction).
  • From the village square in Galtür, continue towards Jamtal valley. Turn left right before Mentaalm and take the high-altitude panoramic valley trail until you reach the "Schönste Aussicht nach Galtür” (“most splendid views of Galtür”) vantage point with picnic spot.
    From there, follow the trail to Tschaffein, keep right and continue towards Larein Alpe and Stafali Weiher.