NEW: WINTER 2016/2017

New 10-seater monocable detachable gondola Breitspitzbahn – new ski piste – artificial snow expansion

Information on the new gondola lifts:

The new system is a detachable 10 MDG. The new valley station (1,768 m above sea level) is located on the western side of the Kops reservoir concrete dam. The new summit station (2,295 m above sea level) is approx. 50 m south-west of the existing double chairlift (DSB) station.


Technical Data:


10-seater monocable detachable gondola

Carrying capacity:

2.400 P/h (end)

= 48 gondolas

1.600 P/h (start)

= 32 gondolas

Inclined length:

1.800 m


Altitude difference:

525 m


Valley station:

1.770 m


Summit station:

2.295 m



10-seater gondola lift, top drive,
valley tensioning apparatus, valley station


6 m per second


Number of towers



NEW ski piste

The first section of the ski piste runs westward downhill and bends about 500 metres to the north before coming to a vast, hilly mountain pasture that is perfect for skiing.

This is followed by a short steep slope approximately 180 metres in length and with a 50% incline. The route then passes through a flat alpine floor, curving in an S-shape past areas of excavated rubble from the storage building and along a road before reaching the valley station.

Expansion of the artificial snow in the Breitspitze area

The area of artificial snow is being extended in the upper area of Exit No. 10 and from the old double chairlift up to the new valley station.