Events & cuisine in Galtür

Whether it is the ski opening, the Alpine cheese Olympiad, the snow safari or a hike, events & pleasure are on the agenda in Tyrol during all seasons

Events and gastronomy in Galtür – genuine enrichment

Everyone knows about the tremendous ski pistes in Tyrol, but what about the Ferwallmarsch, the ‘Genussgipfel’ or the Culinary St. Jacob’s Way Trail? If these things don’t mean anything to you, then these gaps in your knowledge can be quickly and easily filled here! The range of events and gastronomy on offer in the Galtür area are as numerous as they are top-quality. 

Along with feature events, the many restaurants & inns in Galtür indulge holiday-makers during every season of the year. Tyrolean specialities are as much a feature here as contemporary, exploratory cuisine and innovative drinks creations. Genuine feasts are on offer for connoisseurs in summer and winter alike!