Cuisine in Galtür

Hiking and indulging in the Paznaun high valley

Galtür – a place for connoisseurs 

Nothing beats a hearty snack after a strenuous hike – of course this must include some "Paznaun alpine cheese". The cheese is made exclusively from raw milk sourced from the valley and alpine pastures, suitable for hard cheese production. The Genussregion Paznaun is even allowed to bear a quality seal for its excellent cheese. Genussregion is a protected brand name in Austria. It shows that the region has outstanding specialities to offer. 

Top chefs on the mountain

Gourmet event before a high alpine backdrop: On the "Culinary St. James Trail" hiking is combined with award-winning cuisine. Every summer, four Alpine Association huts, including the Jamtalhütte Lodge in Galtür, dish up creations by international celebrity chefs. Each one of the award-winning professional chefs will assume the patronage for one of the four Alpine Association huts and create an exclusive dish for the summer menu, which the landlords then prepare. The "Culinary St. James Trail" is under the patronage of Austrian Chef of the Century, Eckart Witzigmann. 


True Tyrolean hospitality

Connoisseurs can expect true gala days in Galtür: Apart from event highlights such as the "Culinary St. James Trail", numerous restaurants and inns spoil holidaymakers all year round in Galtür. The menu includes Tyrolean specialities and modern frontcooking.