The impressive exhibitions in Alpinarium Galtür reveal how existential life in Tyrol can be.

Exhibitions in Galtür – "ON TOP"

The topic of the exhibition is about the location of the town Galtür and the rest of the word, as well about the sunny side and the dark side. Ends the valley in Galtür or starts it right there? That’s basically a question about perspective. 

The new exhibition is created by inspiration of culture, philosophy and geography. With stories and great pictures based on pairs of term like “beginning and end”, “the top and bottom” and of course the beauty and the dangerousness of nature, is it possible to show the connection of Galtür to the world.

For example on the grave stone of Mr. Wilhelm Bill Long on the island of Stromboli (Italy) are his ten most beautiful places mentioned. Galtür is one of these places it is mentioned with Berlin, Mark Brandenburg, Paris, Bou Saada, Taormina, Antarctica, Valparaiso, Banka Bystrica and Stromboli.