The seminar room in the Alpinarium in Tyrol excels with its state-of-the-art security technology

Voller Schutz für alle Daten

Complete protection for all your data

In the Alpinarium there are three events rooms for events of all kinds. One particularly good reason for holding seminars in Galtür is the certified security technology on offer. This guarantees that there is no chance of hackers and industrial spies stealing your data. Particularly sensitive events such as strategy meetings, developer conferences and meetings with a board of directors are very well catered for.

The benefits of seminars in Galtür in detail
  • Each seminar room has an optimally screened off area, where staff can be trained discreetly and securely.
  • Even before you arrive, the local event management team clarify the requisite security level and offer relevant data and information protection.
  • No other parties will receive information about the event organiser, time, topic and guests.
  • The conference room is virtually bug-proof and no-one can see in (the participants however are of course able to enjoy the superb Tyrolean air). No unauthorised persons have access to the conference room.
  • After the event all flip charts which have been used and any papers which have been left will be destroyed. Any residual data on our computers which have been loaned will be completely deleted using multi-pass overwriting.
  • Even upon departure no-one will know what the event, or the topic of the conference, was, or who took part.

The ‘Enziansaal’ auditorium (89 square metres) provides seating for 60 to 90 participants. Technical equipment is state-of-the-art and includes, among others:

  • Digital projector
  • Screen
  • Overhead projector
  • Flip chart
  • Internet connection
  • Video recorder
  • CD and DVD player
  • Microphones and public address system
  • Dimming and ventilation

Both seminar rooms (32 square metres) each have seating for 18 to 24 participants. Technical equipment is state-of-the-art and includes, among others:

  • Projection screen
  • Overhead projector
  • Flip chart
  • Internet connection
  • Light dimming facility and ventilation
  • Additional technology (lap-top, slide projector, digital camera, portable data projector etc.) is available to hire