The climatic health resort of Galtür

Since April 1997 Galtür has officially held the title of ‘climatic health resort’ – the first town in Tyrol to do so ...

The climatic health resort of Galtür – where pollen doesn’t stand a chance

Those with allergies are able to take the proverbial deep breath here, since the air in Galtür is almost free of bothersome pollen. This fact has also been officially verified. For more than 15 years the town has officially been known as the ‘climatic health resort of Galtür’. So it stays that way, climate stations still regularly record pollutant and key weather readings. This data is monitored by a central office in Vienna.

The mix of pollen-poor air and the favourable climate is balsam for all those people who are plagued by allergies, since here in Tyrol they are at last able to participate in sports to  their heart’s content. Whether it is mountain biking, hiking or climbing, horse-riding, tennis or beach volleyball – in the climatic health resort of Galtür everything is such a great pleasure for those who have an allergy to pollen! And should it be necessary – expert medical is of course available in Galtür!