A look back in time

The history of the cable cars of Galtür

A trip down memory lane
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Foundation and early years

Once upon a time …

24 December 1950 marked an important new chapter in the history of Galtür: On this day, the ski resort’s first pendulum lift was inaugurated. This also signified the beginning of Bergbahnen Silvretta Galtür GmbH & Co.KG, formerly known as Schilifte GmbH Galtür. With the foundation of the company, the first drag lift at Böscha was built, a pendulum lift with an impressive length of 750 metres. Only four years later, in 1954, the lift was replaced by a new, longer drag lift. In the same year, the diesel-powered Kleine Gampenlift was built, which took up operation after several modifications in 1982.

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Milestones in the history of the cable cars of Galtür

All highlights at a glance
  • 1950: foundation of Schilifte GmbH Galtür and inauguration of the first pendulum lift
  • 1960: foundation of Alpkogel-Schilift GmbH and construction of Austria’s longest drag lift, the Alpkogellift
  • 1970: merger of the two lift operators into Galtürer Schilifte u. Seilbahnen GmbH & Co. KG and construction of several new drag lifts
  • 1980s: expansion of Galtür‘s range of slopes thanks to the construction of Breitspitze double chairlift and “Rückbringer” drag lift.
  • 1990s: modernisation works on various facilities of Bergbahnen Galtür
  • 1996: end of construction of the new snow-making system including a reservoir at Ballun-Boden
  • 1998: replacement of the Ballunspitze I and II drag lifts with a modern 6-seater chairlift
  • 2000: reconstruction and renovation of the indoor swimming pool in Galtür
  • 2004: opening of the Alpkogelbahn 8-seater monocable ropeway
  • 2007: inauguration of the Silvapark via ferrata at Ballunspitze
  • 2012: construction of the Kid's Blocks Boulder Park
  • 2016: construction and inauguration of the new Breitspitzbahn cable car
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Time travel

"Anno dazumal"
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Time travel
Years of growth

Expansion and modernisation

Expansion and modernisation

The 1960s were characterised by some important developments. 1960 saw the foundation of Alpkogel-Schilift GmbH, the second lift company of Galtür. In the same year, Austria’s longest drag lift, the Alpkogelschlepplift was built. During the 1970s, several drag lifts were built, including the Ballunspitze I, Soppa, Klein-Zeinis and Kops drag lifts. One decade later, the construction of Breitspitze double chair lift and Rückbringer drag lift expanded the range of slopes by one third. From 1990 onwards, it was all about modernisation: A sewage drain and panoramic camera were built for Birkhahnbahn chairlift. In addition, a snow-making system covering a total surface of 20 hectares was built at Ballun-Boden between 1993 and 1996. In 1998, a new 6-seater chairlift was built, and floodlighting was installed at Birkhahnbahn for increased safety after dark.

… newer, bigger, better

During the 2000s, Galtür saw a series of innovative highlights and expansions. At the beginning of the new century, Galtür’s indoor swimming pool was completely renovated, with a new slide, children’s area, adventure pool and event space completing their offers. In 2004, the Alpkogelbahn 8-seater monocable ropeway was opened. Only two years later, there was another reason to celebrate, with the inauguration of Silvapark via ferrata taking place at Ballunspitze on 15 July 2007. In 2009, Galtür for the first time hosted the Telemarkcross World Championships.

More than just winter sports

In addition to numerous tourism and sports highlights, Galtür also made a name for itself for two great art projects during the 2000s: the two snow sculptures “Emil, the snowman” (2009) and “Mammut” (2010). Both were sculpted from several tons of snow by talented artists, adorning the Alpine landscape. 

Current developments

In 2012, the World Freeheel Masters Cup, organised by SC Silvretta Galtür, took place at Silvapark Galtür. Other highlights that year included the Ö3-Pistenbully at Silvapark and the opening of the Kid's Blocks Boulder Park in spring. Two years later, in 2014, the family offers were complemented by a new family via ferrata near Birkhahnbahn chairlift. In 2015, the fascinating YIPPY YEAH track with lots of creative obstacles was built at Action Park. In 2016, Bergbahnen Silvretta Galtür opened the impressive Breitspitzbahn cable car financed with eight million Euros. As a special feature, the cable car has four themed gondolas revolving around the history and legends of Galtür. In 2017, the slopes at Breitspitzbahn were optimised.

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Further information

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