Silva Trails Galtür

for Beginners and Families
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“Silva Trails” Trail Park in Galtür in Tyrol

Hop on your bike and go!

On a total area of 15 kilometres, adventurous mountain bikers can hit the pump tracks, jump lines and trails of “Silva Trails” Trail Park. Easy, medium or difficult – the varied terrain features the perfect challenge for every skill level.

If you’d rather master the inclines with the help of some electric assistance, simply hop on an electric bike.

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In a nutshell

Trails, jump lines and pump tracks

All challenges at a glance

Here are some basic facts about “Silva Trails” Trail Park:

  • 4 trails
  • Siggi's Base with pump track, 2 trails and a jump line for children
  • Highest point: 1,970 metres above sea level
  • Lowest point: 1,630 metres above sea level
  • Total altitude difference: 650 metres
  • Gradient: between 2 and 10 %

Which trails will be available from mid-July 2024?

  • Alpkogel Trail
  • Siggi's Base at the Alpkogelbahn valley station (pump track and jumpline)
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for beginners

Siggi’s Base

Pumptrack, Trails & Jumpline

Siggi's Base consists of an exciting pump track and two trails and a jumpline especially for young bike fans. The pump track is a dynamic course with waves and bends that invites beginners to build up speed by skilfully using their weight. The jumplines allow kids to improve their jumping skills and learn new tricks. In a safe environment, children can have fun, improve their skills and gain confidence on the bike. Siggi's Base is the perfect place for active adventures.

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More details
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All trails at a glance


With the Alpkogel Trail and the Birkhahn Trail, mountain bike enthusiasts can choose between one easy and one challenging route.

Alpkogel Trail

the longest route at the Trail Park

Alpkogel Trail starts right at the eastern side of the exit area of the mountain station of Alpkogelbahn cable car, located at 1,970 meters above sea level. The trail covers a total distance of  6.68 kilometres. It is the only route that runs all the way from the mountain station down to the valley station of Alpkogelbahn cable car, making it the central line of Galtür Trail Park.

Alternatively, the Faulbrunn Trails, Birkhahn Trail and Kli Zeinis Trail are all connected to Alpkogel Trail to get to the exit area of the valley station of Alpkogelbahn cable car.

Birkhahn Trail

a challenging option

Birkhahn Trail starts at bend number 13 of Faulbrunn Trail, to the north of the valley station of Ballunspitzbahn cable car at 1,930 metres above sea level. You can access the trail either via one of the Faulbrunn Trails or via the service road from the mountain station of Alpkogelbahn cable car to Faulbrunnalm. Below Kopserstraße, Birkhahn Trail merges into Alpkogel Trail, leading to the valley station of Alpkogelbahn cable car, making it a challenging alternative to Alpkogel Trail.

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