A museum as a source of remembrance

The Alpinarium of Galtür

Surrounded by impressive mountains, Galtür’s Alpinarium was built as a tribute to the victims of the 1999 Sonnenberg avalanche and as a source of hope and perspective for the people of Galtür. The museum is an exhibition, information and documentation centre all in one.

At the Alpinarium, you can experience with all senses how February 23, 1999 changed Galtür forever. Fascinating exhibitions let you in on the history, the village and the fate of the local people.

An architectural masterpiece in the

heart of Galtür

The experience museum is surrounded by a 345 metre long and 16 metre high barrier wall. A whopping 700,000 kilograms of steal were used in its construction. An impressive architectural masterpiece protecting the centre and people of Galtür, entwined with nature.

The museum’s inextricable connection to the surrounding nature is also reflected on the inside, with stone, rocks, ice, snow and water at the heart of the exhibition rooms. The entire architecture of the Alpinarium was designed as a barrier wall protecting the village from the forces of nature.


at Galtür’s Alpinarium

been fascinating visitors since 2014. It illustrates the relationship between the people and environment of Galtür in an artistic way, based on visual antagonists like “Beginning and End”, “Above and Below” and “People and Mountain”.

The exhibition starts and ends at the “Space Between”, from which you can explore five spheres: 

  • Sphere of influence
  • Atmosphere
  • Sphere coordinates
  • Orbital
  • Bubbles

Every sphere encourages visitors to think about life from different perspectives. They all show memories and fates, illustrate images of the other and images of self and pose questions to the world.

Discovering the relationship between man and nature in the Alps with all senses – that’s also the goal of the touching film “Mountains in Movement” by director Lutz Maurer. The film shows how the events of February 23, 1999 changed Galtür and its people. The images on the big screen also show the inhabitants’ optimism in dealing with the avalanche disaster.

An experience museum for visitors of all ages

The Alpinarium of Galtür offers activities for the whole family. In addition to the exhibitions, the museum’s inviting “Gefrorenes Wasser” (“Frozen Water”) panoramic café with its sun terrace and 360-degree mountain views is well worth a visit.

You’re looking for a bit more action? The Alpinarium’s 90-square metre indoor boulder wall for beginners and pros is the perfect place to work on your stamina and dexterity!

Bookworms will love the Alpinarium’s “ZUM LESA” library with heaps of publications ranging from children’s books to novels, biographies and travel guides.

The Alpinarium in Galtür also offers a special children’s treasure hunt for young visitors. During the fun “Where are Alpa and Alpu?” quiz rally, they have to answer tricky questions about the two cute marmots, discovering thrilling stories about the life of their ancestors along the way.

The Alpinarium

an award-winning museum

International juries have confirmed that the museum is anything but ordinary. Both in 2007 and 2015, the Alpinarium was nominated for the European Museum Award.

The nomination for the 2017 Micheletti Award was another great honour, although the museum didn’t get the award in the end. However, the Alpinarium did receive a special prize for its unique concept of bringing together man and nature.

Contact the Alpinarium in Galtür

You would like to know about future special exhibitions at the Alpinarium? Or have questions about opening hours and prices ? Also don’t hesitate to contact the Alpinarium team for events held at the museum’s conference rooms!