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Long-distance hiking trails in the Paznaun valley

Explore the Tyrolean mountains
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Long-distance hiking in Tyrol

Explore the Paznaun valley

The Paznaun valley is a popular destination with hikers, and there’s the perfect trail for every skill level. If you’re looking for a special multi-day hike, the Paznaun High Route could be just the thing for you. The circular route encompasses nine varied stages.

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Event tip for long-distance hikers

The annual Silvretta Ferwall March takes you through the impressive landscapes of the Ferwall and Silvretta mountains. There are four different route options, offering something for every skill level.

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Hiking bliss

The Paznaun High Route

9 varied stages

If you have nine days to spare, we recommend the Paznaun High Route. Every single one of the nine stages has its special charm – and the same is true for all the highlights you will pass along the way. There are also several overnight accommodation options along the way, some of them down in the valley, some of them up in the mountains.

It’s up to you: You can enter and exit the long-distance hiking trail at various points along the way. There are several access points down in the valley, and there’s a trail leading back down to the valley at every mountain lodge.

The starting point of the Paznaun High Route is the parish church in See. On the way to Ascher Hütte lodge, you enjoy splendid views of the Verwall mountains, passing by Übli chapel and Giggler Alm.

Covering a total distance of around 23 kilometres, the trail takes you from Ascherhütte lodge to Rotweg chapel and Kappl. This stage’s highlights include Berglis wall, Stielalpe and Lake Grübelesee.

The third stage is also called the Smuggler’s Trail because back in the day, precious goods were smuggled along this route from Samnaun to the Paznaun valley.

Right at the start of this stage, you cross the impressive Kitzloch suspension bridge across Fimbabach river. Continue along the Galtür High Route to get to the stage finish.

The fifth stage is the most laid-back section of the trail. On your way to Friedrichshafener Hütte lodge, you enjoy splendid views of the Samnaun mountains.

This section of the route leads via the Fasultal valley to the Kuchenjöchli and the Darmstädter lodge. This is probably the most difficult section of the route.

Via the Kartellspeicher and the Sepp Jöchler Weg you reach the Niederelbehütte lodge, where you can already see the glistening Seßsee.

On the eighth stage of the trail, you hike along Kieler trail and Riffler trail to Edmund-Graf-Hütte lodge, which is located at the foothills of Hohe Riffler mountain.

When you can see the initial stages of the trail on the opposite side of the valley, you’re on the home stretch of the High Route. After covering the final 22 kilometres, you reach the centre of See.

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All stages of the Paznaun High Route

130 kilometres full of adventures

It’s up to you whether you want to start your long-distance hike at the first stage or from the opposite direction.

Our tip: For a more detailed description of the Paznaun High Route, click here.