Freeride fun in the Paznaun region

Sector 04 | Heldenreich

Galtür’s area for heroes

You’re looking for adventure, pristine descents and skiing action off the beaten track? You have the guts to tackle spectacular jumps across the stones of the Stamandli Trail? Galtür‘s Heldenreich is a paradise for snow-loving thrill seekers and experienced riders. This mountain at Tyrol’s Silvapark is where heroes are made!

But don't be too hasty: Freeriding and freeskiing only with experienced ski guides and when there is no avalanche danger!

Three challenging deep-snow rides

  • 04Stamandli Trail
    Silvapark’s Stamandli Trail is the playground of the pros. With spectacular jumps across rocks, your next adrenaline rush is always just around the corner!
  • 04Freeriding and freeskiing
    Off the beaten track and away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes – Galtür’s Heldenreich offers you perfect opportunities for freeriding. Steep descents and powder as far as the eye can see – doesn’t this sound like every freerider’s dream?
  • 04Piepsstation Galtür
    Keep in mind that the backcountry can be a dangerous place and that it can save your life to be well prepared. At Galtür’s “Piepsstation”, you can learn all about the correct use of avalanche transceivers and train for emergencies.