Sweet seduction and great nights

Cafés, bars and bistros in Galtür

A glass of wine, a savoury gin or a refreshing beer? No matter what tickles your fancy, the bars and pubs of Galtür offer something for every taste. From elegant drinks to traditional, home-made spirit creations.

However, it’s not just the drinks that make Galtür’s bar and pubs well worth a visit. No matter if you’re into cosy comfort or urban casualness – Galtür has the perfect nightlife location for you! The local pubs and bars are a great place to meet up, to have a chat, relax and celebrate. A wonderful way to end a day in your favourite mountain region!

Morning, midday or evening: the many cafés and pastry shops of Galtür are the perfect place for sweet seduction! Their display cabinets are full of home-made delicacies, mouth-watering cakes and irresistible pastries. Simply follow the seductive smell of traditional treats and you will end up finding a place of cosy indulgence.