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Reservoirs and mountain lakes in Galtür

Summer feeling or mountain idyll? Why choose when you can have both? In the region around Galtür, numerous lakes provide paradise moments and refreshing cooling. Whether reservoir or mountain lake - discover the enchanting nature of the lakes around Galtür - as the end point of a mountain hike or on a leisurely circular hike. The fish-rich waters are also extremely popular with anglers.

Tip: The reservoirs and many of the mountain lakes in Galtür are located in the neighbouring region of Vorarlberg, but are easily accessible from Tyrol.



The picturesque moor lake is located in the Montafon and won in the Austrian show "9 Places - 9 Treasures" in 2021. It is also part of the Verwall European Protected Area, the largest protected area in Vorarlberg with 120 square kilometres.

The most picturesque mountain lakes and reservoirs around Galtür

Silvretta Reservoir - Tour 18

Situated at the highest point of the Silvretta High-Alpine Road, the Silvretta reservoir is one of the most impressive artificial lakes of the Tyrolean Alps. Open to the public since 1954, it is one of the region’s most popular attractions. It features three dams and is used to generate electricity for the surrounding region. The beautiful circular hike around the Silvretta reservoir is a special experience for the whole family. What’s more, the lake is a popular fishing spot.

Kops Reservoir - Tour 6

Built between 1962 and 1969 at an altitude of 1,800 metres above sea level, the Kops reservoir with its double curvature dams is a static masterpiece. The beautiful nature surrounding the reservoir offers plenty of fantastic spots for picknicks, fishing, hiking or taking long walks.

Zeinissee - Tour 2

Far above the tree line, crystal-clear Lake Zeinissee is surrounded by bizarre rock formations and lush green mountain meadows. Enjoy the silence and soak up the unique atmosphere during fishing, hiking, mountain biking or climbing. If you’re in need of a break, stop by at Alpengasthof Zeinisjoch for a delicious Tyrolean snack and simply enjoy the moment!

Klein-Zeinissee - Tour 7

The Kleinzeinis lake rests above the famous Zeinissee, surrounded by beautiful mountains.
A real insider tip and very easy to reach. The ideal destination for pleasure hikers.

Stafali Weiher - Tour 4

An insider tip is the Stafali Weiher (pond), situated in the middle of a beautiful forest. Three stone-walled barbecue ovens around the lake as well as sufficient firewood invite you to a cosy barbecue evening with the whole family or friends. 
In addition to the tour to the Larein Alpe, there is also a pleasant walk from Galtür along the Panorama Talweg to the Stafali Weiher.

Wiegensee - Tour 7

Picturesque Lake Wiegensee is a natural monument and a popular hiking destination. Surrounded by the protected high-moor landscape, the lake offers unique views of the glaciers and summits of the Silvretta mountain range.

Radsee - Tour 19

Crystal-clear Lake Radsee on the Radschulter is a natural gem that is particularly popular with mountain hikers. With a bit of luck, you might even see snow grouse or ibexes looking for food there!

Unterer Vallülasee - Tour 17

A little hidden away - in the rough terrain north-east of the Vallüla mountain - lies the Vallülasee, and can be reached via the "Halberstadlerweg" up the Kleine Vallüla. The mountain lake is fed and drained by the Upper Vallüla creek, which is about five kilometres long.

Bathing fun in Galtür...

Even if the sun is not shining for a change, you can still go swimming – thanks to the indoor pool in Galtür! Numerous attractions for all ages brighten up even the rainiest of days there. Discover the indoor adventure pool at Galtür’s sports and culture centre and experience water fun for the whole family! 

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